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North Santiam River Rafting and North Santiam River Whitewater Rafting
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    North Santiam River Rafting in Oregon

    To see outfitters and photos for North Santiam River whitewater rafting choose a rafting trip below.

    North Santiam River Rafting Trips
      Big Cliff Dam to Packsaddle County Park Rafting
        Put-in: Below Big Cliff Dam
      Take-out: Packsaddle County Park
      Difficulty: Class III (V) Portage
      Length: 5 miles
      Packsaddle County Park to Fisherman's Bend County Rafting
        Put-in: Packsaddle County Park
      Take-out: Fisherman's Bend County Park (closed in the winter
      Difficulty: Class II+ - IV depending on flow
      Length: 6.5 miles
      Fisherman's Bend County Park to Mehema Rafting
        Put-in: Fisherman's Bend County Park
      Take-out: Under the bridge on Oregon 226 between Lyons and M
      Difficulty: Class II (III at high flows)
      Length: 8 miles

    Towns near North Santiam River Rafting
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    Bend Oregon Rafting
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    Lebanon Oregon Rafting
    Portland Oregon Rafting
    Redmond Oregon Rafting
    Salem Oregon Rafting
    Sandy Oregon Rafting
    Sisters Oregon Rafting
    Springfield Oregon Rafting
    Tualatin Oregon Rafting


    The North Santiam River is considered one of the best late summer and fall runs in the state of Oregon. With plenty of exciting Class III rapids, lush riverside scenery, and a relaxing atmosphere, this is a popular raft trip for those who live in nearby Salem or Portland.

    This river originates high in the Cascades near Mount Jefferson and swiftly moves through a peaceful forested valley. With vine maples, Douglas firs and large boulders in the river, the North Santiam is an example of quintessential Oregon scenery. Rafters will glide through crystal-clear water where they can still see rocks and fish at the bottom of the river, fifteen feet below. Wildlife includes deer, grouse, mink and even river otters.

    For those interested in geology, there is volcanic rock scattered throughout the river valley, which predates that of the volcanic mountains in the distance. And for those who want a peek into Oregon’s history, most raft trips float by Mill City, a small town that grew up around the lumber mills of John Shaw.

    Rafters looking for a real treat should consider a trip in the fall, when the trees by the riverside explode into color, and the daylight takes on a gentler tone. Flows can be high this time of year as well, as the controllers at the Detroit Dam release the waters of Detroit Lake to make room for winter rains.

    Use our easy inquiry form to contact all of the outfitters that run North Santiam River Rafting Trips in one easy step!
    Map of Big Cliff Dam to Packsaddle County Park Rafting on North Santiam River Map of Big Cliff Dam to Packsaddle County Park Rafting on North Santiam River Map of Packsaddle County Park to Fisherman's Bend County Rafting on North Santiam River Map of Packsaddle County Park to Fisherman's Bend County Rafting on North Santiam River Map of Fisherman's Bend County Park to Mehema Rafting on North Santiam River Map of Fisherman's Bend County Park to Mehema Rafting on North Santiam River

    Other Resources for North Santiam River Rafting
    Conservation Organizations
  • Rogue Riverkeeper

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    Site Home  :: Rafting Home  :: Rafting Trips  :: Oregon White Water Rafting  :: North Santiam River Rafting

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    North Santiam River Rafting and North Santiam River Whitewater Rafting
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