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Willamette River Oregon - River Trips for Kayaking & Canoeing Willamette River
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Kayaking & Canoeing Willamette River Oregon

Tributary - Brice Creek, Upper Reaches
Put-in:  Upper Reaches
Take-out:  Champion Creek
Difficulty:  Class IV+, V Technical, Continuous
Length:  2.4 miles
Tributary - Brice Creek, Champion Creek
Put-in:  Champion Creek
Take-out:  Cedar Creek Camp
Difficulty:  Class IV, V Technical, Pool Drop
Length:  3.6 miles
Tributary - Layng Creek, Rujada Campground
Put-in:  Rujada Campground
Take-out:  above Wildwood Falls
Difficulty:  Class III, IV, V Pool Drop
Length:  4.5 miles
Tributary - Row River, Wildwood Falls
Put-in:  Wildwood Falls
Take-out:  Dorena Lake
Difficulty:  Class II+, III+, IV+ Pool Drop
Length:  6 miles
Tributary - Row River, Dorena Dam
Put-in:  Dorena Dam
Take-out:  BMX Park
Difficulty:  Class III Pool Drop
Length:  4.5 miles
Tributary - Hills Creek
Put-in:  Upper Bridge
Take-out:  NF 2118 Bridge
Difficulty:  Class IV, V Technical, Continuous
Length:  4 miles
Tributary - Salt Creek
Put-in:  McCredie Springs
Take-out:  Kitson Springs
Difficulty:  Class III, IV+
Length:  8.5 miles
NF of the MF Willamette - Miracle Mile
 map of NF of the MF Willamette - Miracle Mile
Put-in:  4 miles from Gorge 2nd Bridge
Take-out:  Bridge below Gorge
Difficulty:  Class IV+, V Technical
Length:  4 miles
NF of the MF Willamette - Westfir Run
 photos of NF of the MF Willamette - Westfir Run  map of NF of the MF Willamette - Westfir Run
Put-in:  Below the Gorge Section
Take-out:  Westfir
Difficulty:  Class III, IV Pool Drop
Length:  9.5 miles
Tributary - Fall Creek - Gold Creek
Put-in:  Gold Creek
Take-out:  Bedrock Campground
Difficulty:  Class III+ Pool Drop
Length:  8 miles
Tributary - Fall Creek, Bedrock Campground
Put-in:  Bedrock Campground
Take-out:  Fall Creek Reservoir
Difficulty:  Class III, IV, V Pool Drop
Length:  9 miles
Tributary - Fall Creek, Fall Creek Dam
Put-in:  Fall Creek Dam
Take-out:  Jasper County Park
Difficulty:  Class II, III Pool Drop
Length:  9 miles
Tributary - Winberry Creek, Winberry Campground
Put-in:  Winberry Campground
Take-out:  Fall Creek Reservoir
Difficulty:  Class III+, V Technical, Pool Drop
Length:  4.8 miles
Middle Fork, Oakridge to Lookout Point Lake
Put-in:  Oakridge
Take-out:  Lookout Point Lake
Difficulty:  Class II+ Pool Drop
Length:  10 miles
Middle Fork, Dexter Dam to Jasper County Park
Put-in:  Dexter Dam
Take-out:  Jasper County Park
Difficulty:  Class I, II Continuous
Length:  8 miles
Jasper County Park to Alton Baker Park
Put-in:  Jasper County Park
Take-out:  Alton Baker Park
Difficulty:  Class II, III Continuous
Length:  14 miles
Alton Baker Park to Harrisburg
Put-in:  Alton Baker Park
Take-out:  Harrisburg
Difficulty:  Class I, II
Length:  21 miles
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Willamette River Oregon - River Trips for Kayaking & Canoeing Willamette River
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